Svetoslav, also known as Svetlyo, was born in the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia. His passion for tattooing and body art began when he met his mentor and master in the craft, “Long” Philip. After a few years of non-professional tattooing, he decided to find a professional tattoo shop to perfect his skills. He started working at Monica tattoo studio, one of the most famous and legendary studios of the Bulgarian tattoo culture. He started there at the end of 2001, and with the guidance of his boss at the time, Veselin, he gained skills and experience which eventually led to my first awards and recognitions. Throughout the years he worked there, he has had multiple press publications and TV appearances.

In 2007 Svetlyo decided to move to Ulricehamn, Sweden, and opened his own tattoo shop, Dream Masters Custom Tattoos Sweden, with Mattias Lundberg. Their vision for the shop was to have a tattoo studio and custom tattoo supplies in the same place, which no one had ever done before in Sweden. Svetlyo and Mattias had the idea how to perfect the stability and longevity of their tattoo products by doing extensive research about all existing supplies and  collecting the best quality assets. Together they developed new techniques for work and created their own tattoo machines. They built up a strong name and good reputation which brought their business to great success. Svetlyo was invited to a number of tattoo competitions in Sweden as well as all over Europe. He gained professional contacts and received personal working invitations from places like Finland, Norway, Iceland, Germany, Switzerland, and Italy. He worked as a guest artist in some of the most popular shops in Sweden; he was also invited to be a member of the Swedish Professional Tattoo Association.

After five years in Sweden, Svetlyo was able to branch out and open his new shop, Dream Masters Custom Tattoos Sweden, in the heart of San Francisco, North Beach, which is also the most historical area for the American tattoo culture. Svetlyo brought with him his high quality of work and strict hygiene standards based on the rules and regulations of the Swedish Professional Tattoo Association. The new Dream Masters Custom Tattoos shop is a high-end tattoo parlor with a unique style and spirit created straight from the European tattoo culture of work.

Awards through the years:

– First prize for Small Color Tattoo – 2012, Body Art Expo, California

– First prize for Small Color Tattoo – 2012, Nunez Tattoo Convention, California

– Best of Show – 2012, Nunez Tattoo Convention, California

– Second place for best black and grey – Dala tattoo convention 2008, Sweden

– Third place for most realistic tattoo – 2005, Bulgaria

– Third place for special woman tattoo – 2004, Bulgaria

– First place for color tattoo – National tattoo fest 2003, Bulgaria