Our Journey In Three Countries

Svetlyo started practicing tattooing at a very early age and by the time he was 17, he got hired in one of the most popular studios in the capital of Bulgaria. For the next six years, he perfected his skills, style, and knowledge in the field. He received numerous recognitions, prizes, press publications, and TV appearances throughout these years.

On the sixth year of his professional experience, Svetlyo was invited to move to Sweden by one of his most beloved friends, Mattias Lundberg. The first idea there was to explore the Scandinavian tattoo culture as much as possible by going to guest spots in different places around the country. Soon, Svetlyo decided to establish Dream Masters Custom Tattoos Sweden together with Mattias’ supplying company, Lundberg Custom Tattoo Supplies. Both explored the wide range of the best tattoo equipment existing on the world’s market. Throughout the five years of working in Sweden, Sveltyo was invited to all of the most established and renowned tattoo parlors, had work offers all over Europe, and competed internationally with his Swedish label. He also became a member of the Swedish Professional Tattoo Association and fully adopted their high standards for hygiene.

After five years in Sweden, Svetlyo was able to branch out and open his new shop, Dream Masters Custom Tattoos Sweden, in the heart of San Francisco, North Beach, which is one of the most historical areas for the American tattoo culture. Svetlyo brought with him his high quality of work and high hygiene standards based on the rules and regulations of the Swedish Professional Tattoo Association. His goal is to have a high-end tattoo parlor with a unique style and spirit brought from the European tattoo style of work.