How We Work

Here’s a rough breakdown of our process and philosophy:

We’ve perfected our drawing skills in order  to create personal and unique designs for each customer no matter the complexity of the piece or the idea. We are passionate about getting into the customer’s mind and satisfying even the most capricious taste. We try to assess if a tattoo will go well on someone’s body and suggest the best solution.  Our goal is to approach  each customer and their projects personally, create a piece of art that is important to them, and eliminate the fake artistic attitude that most of the tattooers have.

It is of utmost importance to know our process of evaluation that each tattoo artist went through to work at Dream Masters Custom Tattoos before they tattoo you. First, each tattoo artist has to be licensed and certified. He/she has to have all the general vaccinations plus those for Hepatitis A and B. They have to have passed the blood-borne pathogen education and receive a certificate for that. They also have to be tested for Hepatitis and HIV. Most of all, we guarantee that our shop is alcohol- and drug-free.

At Dream Masters Tattoo we have created our own exposure control plan and each artist has been or will be personally trained by Svetlyo. By following this exposure control plan, based on the requirements of the Swedish Professional Tattoo Association, we provide 0% of cross-contamination and assure each customer that their health is going to be 100% protected. We cover all the Swedish regulations for a tattoo parlor and we put additional effort to make the hygiene even higher.

Svetlyo is deeply passionate about finding the best equipment available. Dream Masters in Boras is equipped with the latest manufactured sterilizing equipment. All the needles have been secondarily sterilized and have certification. All our inks are 100% risk-free with no allergic reactions to them.

We at Dream Masters draw all styles in any possible way. We aim for a high artistic value of each piece just as much as we care for executing it exceptionally. Additionally, our artists use a variety of methods – traditional and digital – to create your future tattoo projects just the way you envision them. Custom artwork is in the base of every project we have and customizing your thoughts on paper is our specialty.